Minyma Kutjara

acrylic on Belgian linen
200 x 300 cm
Courtesy Tjungu Palya

Together Beryl Jimmy, Wipana Jimmy and Imitjala Pollard paint a story relating to the Two Sisters:

Nyangatja Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa Ilpililanguru (this is the creation story for Ilpili about the Two Sister Creation Beings). The women were hiding and one man Wati Kawalpa (Preying Mantis Man) was searching for them. Minyma malyanpa paku kangkuru kanyini (The younger sister was very tired and her elder sister was taking care of her). The younger sister was pregnant. As they hid in a cave at the base of the hill the man climbed up high to look for them called out ‘Yaltji, minyma kutjara?’ (Where are you two women?). The women were painting sacred designs on themselves. They painted concentric circles on the younger sister’s big tummy and straight lines on the elder sister’s breasts. Then they had Inma (ceremony).


Watarru Collaborative Artists
Beryl Jimmy, Wipana Jimmy and
Imitjala Pollard

Pitjantjatjara language group
Art Centre: Tjungu Palya, Nyapari

Watarru is a remote community in the south west of APY Lands. The artists of Watarru have received high acclaim for their collaborative paintings. Their initial collaborative works were commissioned by the Department for Environment and Heritage and now hang permanently in the South Australian Parliament, the first Indigenous paintings to do so.

The artists paint with Tjungu Palya, an art centre based in Nyapari that shows the work of artists from the Kanpi, Nyapari, and Watarru communities.