Ruby Tjungawa Williamson_Puli Murpu-Mountain range_Private Collection_WEB.jpg

Puli murpu - mountain range

acrylic on linen
152 x 122 cm
Private Collection, Sydney
© The artist and Tjala Arts

‘I have shared my culture in my paintings for a long time, but culture is in everything I do - when I'm sitting down thinking, when I'm singing, when I'm making fire and cooking food, when I'm talking my language - It's just Anangu way and children know that way from when they're born’. Mrs Williamson, 2011.

In this work Mrs Williamson has depicted the Musgrave Ranges, behind Amata. The large dark areas are the mountains from the side and above. She has also depicted Ultukunpa or Honey Grevillea flower which is a favourite bush food of the Anangu (people). Ultukunpa grows in the sandy soils on the plains. The three blue circles at the top of the art work are kapi tjukula or rock holes where water collects after the rains.

Wawiriya burton and Kunmanara (ruby tjungawa) Williamson at tjala Arts

Wawiriya burton and Kunmanara (ruby tjungawa) Williamson at tjala Arts


Kunmanara (Ruby Tjungawa) Williamson

Born: c.1940 near Wingellina WA
Died: 2012
Pitjantjatjara language group
Art Centre: Tjala Arts, Amata

Kunmanara (Ruby Tjungawa) Williamson was a Pitjantjatjara senior law woman committed to fostering traditional law and culture, story-telling, hunting, punu (wood) carving, dancing and painting. She was born in the bush around 1940 and came to live in Amata with her family when she was a young girl.

Mrs Williamson painted with Tjala Arts (formerly Minymaku Arts) since 2000 and was one of Tjala's most revered and charismatic artists. She received ongoing attention and acclaim for her unique and contemporary style. Ruby passed away in 2014.

note: Kunmanara is a term of respect used to replace the first name of Anangu who have died.