acrylic on Belgian linen
120 x 120 cm
Private Collection
© The artist and Ninuku Arts

Molly explains how her painting relates to Mamungara, a 'true story' at a place west of Walytjatjara (north of Kalka) in South Australia:

A child is riding on his father's shoulders and sees a figure in the distance. He sees the mamu (spirit), the mamu is sleeping and the father tells the child to watch the mamu who is lying in a wiltja, shelter, with a fire. The mamu has no teeth but wakes up and smells the child, looks around and sees him, but the father returns just in time.

Molly Miller preparing etching plates for printmaking

Molly Miller preparing etching plates for printmaking

Molly Nampitjin Miller

Born: 1948 Waka Pukatjara
Pitjantjatjara language group
Art Centre: Ninuku Arts, Kalka SA

Molly Nampitjin Miller was born in the bush in 1948. She went to Warburton mission for her schooling and lived in a dormitory with all the other girls. Her family stayed in the camp at the mission. When she married and her husband took her to Amata where she had her five children.

Molly is a strong and founding figure for Ninuku Arts and respected elder within Kalka Community. She comes from a strong artistic family, her brother and sisters are Dr Pantjiti Mary McClean, Jimmy Donegan and Elaine Lane from Blackstone in WA.