Kathleen Tjapalyi 1.jpg


ink on paper
56 x 76 cm each
Copyright the artist and Mimili Maku

Mrs Tjapalyi has a huge knowledge of traditional Inma (ceremony) and country and she continues to pass this on to the younger generations through her paintings and dance. She began painting at Mimili Maku Arts in late 2010, and paints the significant site of Antara:

Antara is a sacred place for Anangu. It holds many Tjukurpa (songlines) stories that cross this land. This painting depicts this special place. Antara has a very important rockhole where the women would perform inmaku pakani, a dance ceremony that would create enough maku for everyone. The painting also depicts the landscape which is surrounded with rocks, rockholes, creeks and mountains.



Kunmanara (Kathleen Injiki) Tjapalyi

Born: 1948 Indulkana SA
Died: 2016

Pitjantjatjara language group
Art Centre: Mimili Maku, Mimili SA

Kunmanara Tjapalyi was a senior Pitjantjatjara woman committed to traditional law and culture. She was born at Iwantja, east of Mimili Community around 1948. Her family travelled over from Watarru once they had heard that white people were handing out rations, so this is where she was born. Her family continued to move around before they settled and found work at Everard Park station, Mimili.

Mrs Tjapalyi grew up on the outskirts of Everard Park station and later worked at the station cleaning dishes, tending to the garden and looking after the children of the station managers. She met her husband in Mimili (now deceased) and they had three children together.